What is the best tasting coffee


Coffee is a drink that is celebrated worldwide. This drink made from percolated beans is the staple drink of the morning. Many coffee enthusiasts like to believe that a morning without coffee is a dreary one. There is no particular way to enjoy coffee this is probably the reason why so many blends of coffee have sprouted here and there. Here’s an ultimate guide to coffee blends that will make you love your favourite morning drink more.


Espresso is the purest form of coffee. This is achieved by forcing steam through dark roasted coffee beans. One sees the quality of an espresso brew in the golden-brown foam, or as coffee blenders like to call crema, that is found on its surface. Espresso is the fore father of many coffee blends, making it the favourite of coffee purists


A cup of water and a single shot of espresso makes a good Americano. This name of this coffee blend got its name as an insult to Americans who cannot drink espresso straight up. A great Americano blend can also be one’s best bud in a hot day. Pop some ice into the cup and have yourself a nice day.

Although coffee purist likes to drink coffee as it is as many still couldn’t resist the creamy goodness of a latte. A latte can either be iced or warm depending on the drinker’s preferences. To make an exquisite latte, one has to mix three parts of milk with a shot of espresso. The result is an on-rush of cream, with a strong kick of espresso.

Cappuccino may be the most complex coffee blend there is. This coffee blend is probably the most exquisite variant of coffee. The secret to cappuccino is the froth that tops the beverage. Equal parts of espresso, milk and froth are the ingredients of this coffee blend. When executed properly, the result is watery mouth complexity in a cup.

The drink Frappuccino was made popular by Starbucks. This coffee blend is a coffee-based shake that is topped with various items such as whip cream, chocolate sprinkles and much more. Frappuccino may be considered as the go-to product of entry point coffee drinkers. There are endless flavour blends when it comes to Frappuccino; really the possibilities are boundless.

In case you want a sweeter cup of coffee, mocha exists just for you. Mocha is a coffee blend that contains equal parts of coffee, milk, froth, and chocolate syrup. This coffee blend is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth.

Whether you’re a coffee purist or not, there’s a wide variety of coffee blends that will surely make you fall in love with coffee. Whether you drink coffee to get you going in the morning or you take it religiously to complete your day, its strong and energetic acidity will surely tickle your senses, and enlighten you sleep-shrouded mind. As for the debate between tea, and coffee one thing is for sure, beans had always come before the leaves. Be sure to google for the best tasting k cup coffee as well!